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Tom Horvath

Tom Horvath Family Home Page

Welcome to Tom Horvath's family home page.  Tom and the family live in Highland, Indiana.  Tom and his wife Kathy have 3 children, Tracy, Brett, and Brittany.  The family has two pets which are a lot of fun...Snow is the dog and Blizzard is the cat. We hope you enjoy our page. 

    Brittany's EZ Partners Softball website
Tracy Horvath
Brett Horvath
Brittany Horvath
Mike Crist
Mike Crist Website- photo

New Additions to our family

Snow Horvath
Blizzard Horvath
Buddy Horvath
Boris Horvath
Rest in peace!
Brothers born 5-14-2004
Came 3-5-2005

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Disney April 9, 2001

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Last Updated:  March 16, 2005